50kg Dumbbell Barbell set with plastic boxes
(Black in stock only)

The Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set is the whole package. Literally. It is a complete set of adjustable dumbbells and a barbell with 50 KG worth of weights, and it all can be stored in a hard case that is fitted with wheels. Easy to store, transport, adjust, and add to your workouts.


Specifications include;


  • COMPLETE PACKAGE – Consider your at-home lifting needs met! Our Adjustable Dumbbell set comes with (2) Dumbbell Handles, (1) Barbell (consisting of 3 pieces), (6) collars, 40.5 KG of weight plates, AND a carrying case. This set is easy to store, and transport, and incredibly easy to set up. Never has lifting weights at home been so easy, versatile, and compact!
  • GREAT GRIPS & 1” SLEEVES – The Barbell sports a 1” grip with a medium-depth knurl to aid your grip. The Dumbbell Handles have a contoured, plastic handle that is 1.3” at its thickest point. The sleeves are 1” in diameter to fit these weight plates. The threaded collars have one-inch openings and spin on for a tight, secure hold. NOTE: These dumbbells and barbells are not compatible with standard Olympic weight plates.
  • PERFECT FOR AT-HOME LIFTING – This Set of weights is perfect for anyone who works out in their living room, bedroom, or dorm room. All of the weights fit back into the carrying case, and the case is fitted with wheels for effortless maneuvering. Transforming your space from a gym back to a living area when your workout is over can be done in a snap.
  • WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE – This Set comes with (1) Carrying Case, (2) Dumbbell Handles, (2) Barbell Rods, (1) Barbell Connector, (6) Threaded Collars, and the following weight plates: (6) x 0.5 kg, (6) x 1.25 kg, (4) x 2.5. kg, (4) x 5 kgs.

Adjustable and Easy Setup


This Set includes 40.5 kg worth of weight plates: (6) x 0.5 kg, (6) x 1.25 kg , (4) x 2.5. kg, (4) x 5 kgs. Each weight has a 1” opening and fit the dumbbell and barbell handles. Including the handles and collars, the entire set weighs 50 KG.

Strong and Portable Case.


Sorts of exercises that can be performed with the 50kg Combo

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